How to remove a rust stain from your marble table or counter top

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   This is an easy and simple way of DIY rust stain removal from marble counter top. It does not involve any technical knowledge or professional skills or tools. All you’ll need is a lemon juice, baking soda and soft toothbrush.

   Apply enough lemon juice on the rust stain to cover the stain completely with liquid. You should let it sit for a 2-3 minutes. Put some baking soda enough to get a paste consistency. Then you will need to rub the mixture with the toothbrush into the stain. You should use soft toothbrush in order not to scratch the polished surface of your marble.

   Be patient and the result will follow.

After the stain is gone, clean the surface with the damp cloth and apply some marble cleaner on top to give nice shine.

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