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EMPRO Quality Furniture Repair and Cleaning Services offers free evaluation over the phone or via email.

Sometimes it is inconvenient and pointless to make a service call, take a day or half day off and seat at home waiting for tech to come over only to see the damage on your furniture that you might not even think worth repairing.

What if you just want to get a rough idea on how much should the repair cost and so decide wether you want it or not.

Almost none of the reputable companies will send over techs to evaluate the problem at no cost! Very bad, BUT!

EMPRO Quality offers very easy, quick and convenient way of getting such information as ball park idea on the cost of wood frame repair, upholstery cleaning, wood finish fixes, leather repairs or sometimes even re-upholstery work.

FREE ESTIMATE and EVALUATION over the phone or via email at NO COST to you.

Pick up the phone, dial the phone number on top of this page and you will be connected directly with the technician who is able to make a quick assessment of your furniture related problem based on your description and provide you with the rough estimate of the repair cost over the phone.

So you’ll have time to think it over and decide if you want to pay for the repair in that price range or just schedule an on-location evaluation and inspection in order to get exact cost.

Shoot us an EMAIL and enjoy a  free estimate. Even though over the phone and via email evaluations are both quick and convenient, the email option lets you take a picture of the piece in question on you cell phone or any digital camera and attach it to the email. This way we will have a visual representation along with your typed description of the problem. And obviously having the image helps a lot in assessing the depth of the problem which in its’ turn will lead to the better and more precise estimation of your repair cost. We will respond no later than in 24 hours.

So choose one preferred option which you feel more comfortable with and give it a try! Or you can always schedule an appointment and most likely we will be able to complete repair or cleaning on the first visit!

Don’t forget you can contact us 24/7.

Note: These types of estimates do not guarantee you the price as in reality the damage might be worse or even less then described or photographed.